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Job Title: Human Resource Business Partner

1. Job Purpose:

The Human Resources Department in Egypt is responsible for providing an effective, efficient

and proactive Human Resource function to the managers and employees in Cairo Customer Support Centres.

The Human Resource Business Partner will provide guidance and support on Human Resource best practice acting as the first point of contact and Business Partner for line managers on all HR related issues.

2. Main Accountabilities:

  • Is an active Business partner to her/his departments and guides and advises, on request or pro-actively, on personnel or HR related
  • Thinks along with the Operational management and delivers effective and pragmatic HR added value in the attempt to make things easier, not more
  • Supports her/his department answers questions of management and employees with regard to employment procedures including;
    • Absence Management
    • Performance Management
    • Discipline and Grievance issues
    • Employee Legislation
    • Employee Relations
    • Human Resource Planning
    • Human Resource Policies and Procedures
    • Compensations & Benefits
  • Functions as gatekeeper of (legal) processes.
  • Takes appropriate action when procedures are not
  • Attends weekly/monthly operations meeting with designated Operations teams and provides support on HR related
  • Participates actively in Operational events such as MBR’s, QBR’s.
  • Will deliver the Induction presentation day; SYKES’ HR induction for new
  • Is the record keeper regarding HR relevant data such as attrition, absence& sickness
  • Connects with other departments such as OMD to assure accuracy of HR
  • Analyses HR data tracking trends and connecting with relevant parties for action planning.
  • Aligns actions and output with HR colleagues, making sure the HR department functions as 1 team instead of different
  • Update and maintain HR Information Systems and administers official paperwork such as contracts and documents, tracking and ensuring completion and filed in the employee personnel
  • Is able to lead investigations and judges
  • Participates in HR projects such as GESS, Retention projects and contributes actively enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing
  • Controls the annual review process of employees of his/her department, sets up necessary sheets, sends the guidelines to management, keeps track of whole process and follows up with management where
  • Follows up on absenteeism and all the HR related information
  • Composes professional correspondences and necessary paperwork in correct English


3. Core Competencies:

Make Sound Decisions:

• Focuses on important information without getting bogged down in unnecessary detail.
• Probes and looks past symptoms to determine the underlying causes of problems and issues.
• Brings to bear the appropriate knowledge, information, and expertise in making decisions.
• Makes decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Build Realistic Plans:

• Identifies action steps needed to accomplish objectives.
• Prepares realistic estimates of resource requirements (e.g., budget, headcount) needed to accomplish team objectives.
• Identifies risks and assumptions in plans.
• Establishes clear, realistic timelines for goal accomplishment.

Manage Execution:

• Conveys clear expectations for assignments.
• Juggles many priorities and competing demands for one's time.
• Delegates assignments to the lowest appropriate level.
• Monitors progress of others and redirects efforts when goals/standards change or are not met.
• Holds people accountable for achieving their goals.

Develop Others:

• Makes accurate evaluations of people's capabilities and fit.
• Provides accurate helpful feedback to others on their performance.
• Adjusts the type of direction and support they provide an individual based on the individual’s ability and willingness on the task.
• Helps others identify and prioritize their development objectives.
• Promotes sharing of expertise and a free flow of learning across the organization.

Show Drive and Initiative:

• Sets high standards of performance for self and others.
• Puts in extra effort and work to accomplish critical or difficult tasks.
• Does not easily give up in the face of unexpected obstacles.
• Tackles tough challenges or problems quickly and directly.

4. Skills, Experience, Knowledge required:

Professional and Technical Excellence

  • Has a sound knowledge of HR related issues
  • Has updated knowledge of local laws (Labor Law, Social Security,..etc)
  • Has good MS Office skills, perfect Excel skills
  • Has formulated and/or updated policies and
  • Strong Team Player
  • Portrays a professional image
  • Pays good attention to detail


  • Higher/further educational qualification or equivalent
  • HR background preferably with legal expertise

Experience (number of years and type of experience)

  • At least 2-4 years’ experience in a similar position or in an HR Generalist Role in a similar fast paced environment – working in a Contact Centre is a


Technical or specific skills (e.g. technical, computer)

  • Speaks and writes Arabic and English perfectly
  • Knowledge of the Egyptian social legislation
  • Proficient with spreadsheet and word processing software

Environmental aspects

  • Able to work under pressure
  • Able to work with different society levels
  • Able to understand different cultures

5. Security Compliance:

Employees are required to maintain compliance with Sykes safety, security, and privacy

programs. Responsible for being an active participant in the Sykes safety, security and privacy programs to protect Sykes' business operations, facilities, and physical and intellectual property and to ensure a safe and secure working environment for all Sykes' employees.

6. Ethics Compliance:

Sykes is firmly committed to conducting business in compliance with the letter and spirit of

the law and other accepted standards of business conduct as reflected in the company's policies. Employees are encouraged to observe the highest standards of professionalism at all times, and are expected to adhere to Sykes policies on ethics and integrity.

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