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Job Title: Facilities and Procurement Supervisor

Reports to: Finance Manager


  • Manage the continuous supplier and stakeholder relationships and developing along with evaluating criteria and the bidder responses in the market
  • Implement inventory management system
  • Running bidder clarification workshops, managing the contractual process to award of contract and change; developing supplier risk plans and liaising with other colleagues as appropriate
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of the procurement plan to ensure all procured goods and services are within the approved budget
  • Support teams with the planning of expenditure and ensure that a good knowledge of procurement, and their application, is maintained by all staff
  • Ensure resolution of issues related to vendor performance in the delivery of goods and services
  • Negotiate with suppliers on behalf of SYKES to obtain the best possible purchasing terms and conditions
  • Ensure ongoing monitoring and evaluation of vendors through supplier performance metrics and proactive management of the results
  • Manage supplier non-conformance and supplier audit
  • Ensure best practice frameworks are in place to deliver value for money and be able to identify the most cost efficient approach
  • Monitor compliance with Corporate Procurement Policies and Standards, Code of Conduct, Operating Guidelines and local regulations
  • Prepare all staff reports, facility issues, participant concerns, injuries and incidents
  • Lead the process of monthly assurance gathering to ensure there are controls against risks materializing
  • Ensure quarterly reporting of procurement-related risks at the Enterprise Risk Management Meetings

Facilities Management:

  • Ensure that SYKES offices and residences are managed and maintained effectively. This will include regular checks and action to ensure high level of function and comfort for our staff and customers.
  • Undertake project management of activities when required to ensure completion of major works such as renovations, moves, and restructuring along with maintenance and repairs. Ensure that all business stakeholders are aligned with the maintenance that will be taken place on premises through thorough communication and time-bounded
  • Ensure that HSS (Health, Safety and Security) standards are met in all premises and all residences. Develop and implement evacuation plans.
  • Oversee and manage the inventory process – ensuring that an inventory takes place of all offices and all residences and the results are accurately recorded. Support the corporate fixed asset process.
  • Oversee work by our partners including security, cleaning and maintenance. This will include regular checks and action to ensure high level of function and comfort for our employees.