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Hungary | Budapest

This vacancy is now closed


We are looking for a full timer OMD Analyst




Collect information for Scheduling

  • Collect inputs from Planning (Assumptions)
  • Maintain employee database by collecting inputs from Ops/HR regarding program HC (active/Leave of absence/etc.)
  • Update and review business rules (Local govt. policies, shifts, days off, breaks)

Generating schedules

  • Calculate requirements based on Forecast in WFM systems/Excel
  • Run scenarios/patterns (Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly) to create best fit schedules to meet KPI for program while addressing employee & operational needs
  • Optimize schedules to balance over/under regularly
  • Review over/under with stakeholders

Publish the schedules and communicate with internal/external (if applicable) stakeholders

Adhoc scenarios based on change in internal/external factors


Collect information for Reporting

  • Collect data from various data sources
  • Collect targets by program, etc.
  • Validate and analyze input data

Process data

  • Utilize standard tools/templates/methodologies to create reports.
  • Design custom reports as per business needs.

Validate data

  • Create a mechanism for error checking (error%).

Publish data

  • Publish reports to different stakeholders



  • Advanced English language knowledge
  • Advanced Excel knowledge
  • Advanced logical mindset
  • Willingness to cooperate and good communication skills



  • Experience in Power  BI