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Sweden | Gothenburg

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Purpose of the job:
Leading the operational delivery and performance of assigned products and solutions. Be the key liaison between Sitel and assigned Clients, hereunder establishing, developing and maintaining financially healthy commercial relations with Clients in line with Sitels Mission, Statement of Direction and Standards of Conduct for Compliance and Integrity.

Main accountabilities:
Responsible for leading assigned Account team(s):

  • Leadership, management, coaching, change management and project management.
  • Be a role model in professional and commercial leadership.
  • Be a role model in personal time- and stress management skills.

Responsible for assigned Account team(s) performance:

  • Meeting or exceeding Performance Indicators as outlined in Clients agreements.
  • Maintaining optimal billable utilization in assigned Account team(s).

Responsible for Information and Processes:

  • Obtain, breakdown, and provide information in Account team(s), and reporting up the line.
  • Setting objectives for Account team(s) and Team Leads.
  • Overall responsible for internal and external processes relevant for Account team(s).
  • Plan, execute and monitor all Key Client Related Processes.
  • Problem solving and decision making.

Responsible for assigned clients relations:

  • Stay available to clients at all times and overall responsible for all dialogue with client.
  • Respond, drive and follow through of Client related matters.
  • Managing contracts and invoices.
  • Earning and maintaining credibility.

Responsible for Financial Management of assigned Accounts:

  • Basic accounting, profit & Loss statements, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Sarbanes Oxley compliance.
  • Risk management implications concerning human resources, physical assets and intellectual capital.

Stay updated on Sitels Products and Solutions:

  • Understanding Sitels products and solutions, markets and geographies.
  • Work towards / according to Sitels Standard of Excellence.

Selling our Client’s Products and Services

  • Understanding the Client’s business and competition.
  • Growing revenue with the client

Core Competences:

Leadership skills:

  • Ability to lead and administrate account team(s) according to company’s directions.
  • Adapt to and execute leadership responsibilities according to company’s leadership philosophy.
  • Ability to develop and utilize account teams total knowledge to meet assigned clients’ requirements.
  • Professional approach to commercial matters.

Communication skills:

  • Ability to effectively communicate and interact with others, through generally excellent communication skills, people management skills and production of clear and concise written material, and effective breakdown of communication between functions in the organization.
  • Ability to proactively and professionally communicate and interact with clients, in an honest, trustworthy and tactful manner.

Commercial skills:

  • Understanding of Sitel and assigned Clients industry and stay abreast with development
  • Ability to interpret and apply terms of clients’ contracts, negotiate contracts, and identify and develop business opportunities.
  • Ability to develop pricing structures, draft and negotiate contracts.
  • Experience in / understanding of profit & loss statements.
  • Experience in / understanding of project management.

Personal skills:

  • Observant and analytical.
  • Initiates and implements actions when necessary.
  • Strong decision maker.
  • Possess sense of urgency.
  • Contributor to and builder of team environments.
  • Solution oriented.
  • Motivated by fast-paced and dynamic environments.

Knowledge and Experience Requirements:


  • Relevant education at University level, or
  • A combination of other education and experience relevant for the position.


  • Leadership experience from service industry, or
  • Relevant working experience from similar service industry.

Language skills:

  • Fluent in spoken and written English and native language.

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