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JOB TITLE:                 Trainer / Instructor


REPORTS TO:           Training Manager




1.               PURPOSE OF JOB


The purpose of the job is to provide training to customer service Advisors including New Advisor Training, Ongoing and Transition training, so that Advisors feel comfortable to help customers, work with the systems and follow account procedures. Trainer shall work closely with the Operations Management team to ensure the required training are completed timely, continuously strive to improve training delivery, achieve high training participation satisfaction and enhance knowledge gap by keeping training content  relevant and up to date.







ü  Must be accredited to deliver account training per client specified Instructor Accreditation Program

ü  Deliver content in both classroom and distance learning settings

ü  Create a training environment that is engaging, positive, and free of intimidation

ü  Responsible for seeking accreditation and performing train-the-trainer sessions for other supplier Instructors

ü  Identify training needs

ü  Conduct effective induction and training methods

ü  Resolve any specific problems and tailor training programs as necessary

ü  Occupied him/herself with nesting and nurturing

ü  Ensuring new starts training material are prepared in advance of the start date

ü  Organise training and coaching schedule for staff

ü  Work with the Ops team to ensure any retraining is handled accordingly



ü  Account Managers, team members and colleagues.

ü  IT department, Human Resources department where appropriate



ü  Update any client reports as required

ü  Update any Sykes reports as required

ü  Provide reports on agents when requested

ü  Provide report on team when requested







ü  Familiarity with iOS and/or macOS, or comparable technology, is preferred

ü  Ability to develop business partnerships with the Client’s training organization

ü  Proficiency in development and implementation standards for the mentoring process

ü  Ability to perform transaction monitoring evaluations

ü  Proficiency in Client’s-based applications, operating systems and hardware

ü  Ability to prepare and deliver high quality training

ü  Ability to maintain training equipment readiness

ü  Proficiency in screening and interviewing of potential candidates

ü  Demonstrates a working knowledge of computer operating systems, device networking, and can effectively resolve device hardware, software, and communication issues 

ü  Is comfortable using a variety of computer applications and technologies in the classroom

ü  Ability to demonstrate satisfactory delivery skills as outlined in the Instructor Observation Form

ü  Excellent influencing skills

ü  Strong organisational skills

ü  Ability to identify problems, collates data, establish facts, and draw conclusions

ü  Proficient with spreadsheets and word processing software

ü  Ability to connect with groups and individuals so effective training and coaching can be delivered

ü  The ability to stay calm in all situations

ü  Excellent communication skills, both written as well as oral, in Italian (native or near native, C1 level minimum),

ü  Fluent communication skills in English (B2 level minimum)