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Summary of Primary Job Responsibilities:  

A professional Project Coordinator should be able to fulfill various duties and responsibilities. They should be able to work closely with project managers to create comprehensive action plans concerning resources, budgets and timeframes for projects.


Essential Functions:

  • Participate in project design meetings and propose improvements if necessary
  • Evaluate potential problems and technical hitches and develop solutions
  • Plan and manage team goals, project schedules and new information
  • Supervise current projects and coordinate all team members to keep workflow on track
  • Manage project-related paperwork by ensuring all necessary materials are current, properly filed and stored
  • Direct project correspondences by preparing and reviewing project proposals, memos, meeting minutes and emails
  • Communicate with clients to identify and define project requirements, scope and objectives
  • Adhere to budget by monitoring expenses and implementing cost-saving measures


Decision Making Authority

Independent Decisions Expected:

  • Critical decision points on project plans (i.e. when to escalate).
  • Ownership of project tasks.
  • When and with whom to work to resolve conflicts.
  • Presentation format and content for various audiences.

Recommendations Expected:

  • Logical problem resolution within the guidelines of the project parameters.
  • Suggestions for process improvements.
  • Suggestions for cost savings.
  • Suggestions for alternative solutions that will positively impact profitability and/or client, customer, or associate satisfaction.
  • Identify and communicate 'best practice' procedures.


Typical Qualifications:  

Education: Four-year college degree in a business related field or equivalent experience.

Experience: 1-2 years industry related experience including project management.

Skills: Good project management skills, facilitation and presentation skills.  Strong interpersonal skills demonstrating ability to work independently and successfully within a cross-functional team.  Excellent technical skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) Smartsheet experience a huge plus!

Knowledge/Abilities: Demonstrated strong understanding of general business management, basic accounting, and work processes.  Strong understanding of the call center industry and Sitel’s business and strategic goals.  Demonstrated ability to maintain and manage confidential and sensitive data.

Special Certifications: None required


Supervisory Responsibilities